To The Editor,

I have left Vankleek Hill. I know a lot or people reading this may not know me, but I felt like I should send a goodbye anyway, even if we never crossed paths.

I moved here from Toronto in 2009, I was in my late 20’s and I needed a change in my life, and it was a big change.
Steve Beauchesne really helped me out a lot. We had met playing punk rock shows in Toronto and when he moved here and started Beau’s I kept in touch with him and he helped me transition my life. So, to the Beauchesne family, thank you.

I got a job with Greg and Shelly Lydiate at Trophy Hill. They were really great to me over the years, helping with employment and all kinds of other things in my life, thank you.

The hardest part about leaving is going to be missing the people here. You basically made me feel like I grew up here. Terry and Kathy Gillespie let me use their studio and printers whenever I needed, and have been great friends. Tara and Scott from Garden Path are great people, they let Jacquie and I get married on their beautiful property.

Lou and Dale at the Zudio have really changed my life. Phil Arber, has done so much for this community, bless him.

Lisa and Mark Henderson always treated Jacquie and I like life-long friends. Brian McCormick is arguable one of the nicest people on this planet. Mikey and Rob and the Windsor crew made me feel like I was walking into Cheers. Todd Gilbert will forever be a best friend. Louise Sproule is an amazing person. She laughs at my jokes even when they are so absurd that I don’t even get them. This newspaper has adapted in a scary industry, you reading this and other community news
has everything to do with Louise and her team at the Review. Bravo and thank you.

Vankleek Hill will always feel like home. Don’t let the small things go away… Johnny Miller walking his dog around town,
Pierre on his tractor, Ernie smiling on a bench on Main Street, Breakfast at Herb’s or Nicko’s, Hamish rating poutines, a beer on the Beau’s patio, the guy at the highway with the Save the Trees sign…
Never change, Vankleek Hill. I’ll miss you a lot.

Ed Zucca AKA Eddy Earwigg