July 1st 2019. Photo taken at the official Lauch of the Défi Coureurs des bois Challenge and giving of donations. From left to right: Chantal Lalonde, president of the Défi Coureurs des bois Challenge, Nicole Piché, Alzheimer Society of Cornwall & District, Chantal Chabot, member of the Challenge, Guy Desjardins, Clarence-Rockland Mayor, René Laflèche and Justin Lafrance, Groupe de services communautaires Kawabunga, Jessica Séguin and Simon Cadieux, Scouts Pionniers de la 58e, Linda Meir, LM Leadership & Teambuilding, Nathalie Lévesque, Regroupement autisme Prescott- Russell and John Rozon, Club Optimiste of Hammond. In front: William and Anthoy Rozon.

$20,500 presented to local organizations as part of official launch of Défi Coureurs des bois Challenge

The Coureurs des bois Challenge, the largest obstacle race in the region, is preparing its fourth edition. The event will be held on September 21, 2019 in the Lavigne Natural Park in Bourget.

This activity promotes a healthy and active lifestyle while highlighting our cultural and natural heritage. The Challenge brings to life a natural jewel, the Lavigne Natural Park, and creates an opportunity to bring members of the community together to participate in a unique sporting event. This year, more than 1,500 participants and spectators are expected and over 150 volunteers.

Two unique courses are offered to participants. The Explorers Course (3 km) is for people over 6 years old, children and adults, while the Adventurers Course (5 km) is for people aged 14 and over. This last course offers a higher level of difficulty. An elite course of over 7 km will please obstacle course enthusiasts. On each course, participants have to overcome between 30 and 40 obstacles.

The theme “Coureurs des bois” is also used in all aspects of the event. The goal is to provide participants with a unique experience, as if they would be transported into the fur-trading era. Both the animation and the courses highlight this period of our history. This unique experience in a natural park will be done in all respect for the environment and is the particularity of the Coureurs des bois Challenge.

Thanks to the support of partners and sponsors, the organizers continue to present a major event and support community organizations in the region. As a non-profit organization, the Défi Coureurs des Bois Challenge redistributes all its profits to organizations and programs related to its mission.

The Dé Coureurs des bois Challenge took the launch opportunity to donate to the following organizations, which shared an amount of $20,500:
• LM Leadership & Teambuilding
• Clarence Skating Club
• Club Optimiste of Hammond
• Regroupement Autisme P.-R. de la SFOA
• Scouts Pionniers de la 58e
• Groupe de services communautaires Kawabunga
• Alzheimer Society of Cornwall & District
For more information, visit the website: www.deficoureursdesbois.com

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