Plans are progressing for the new sports complex in Limoges.

Representatives from architecture firm Cole and Associates recently presented a plan recently to La Nation council that calls for an indoor turf field, walking track and community centre space.

Options for enclosing the indoor field are an inflatable dome, a frameless steel building, or a pre-fabricated steel building.

The soccer field itself could be a full-size one that meets FIFA standards, a field that is two-thirds of FIFA size, or one that is one-third the FIFA size.

The choice of structure and field size will affect the cost of the project.  They range from $5.38 million to $14.68 million, depending on the field size and structure selected.

A kitchenette, washroom, and change room facilities will also be included in the complex.

Space will also be set aside for a future public library branch to be attached to the sports facility.

Mayor François St-Amour said the type of building and size of field still has to be decided and there will be a consultation process with groups that will use the new facility and public meeting process to get further comments before a decision is made.

Depending on the structure type and field size that is selected, La Nation will then apply for provincial and federal grants for the complex and community fundraising will also be organized.