Vankleek Hill's own James Clarke minutes before getting out to the track for the Mini-Stock feature at Cornwall Motor Speedway

From the fairgrounds to the speedway

Vankleek Hill’s own James Clarke discovered his passion for motorsports more than a decade ago at the local demolition derby.
“For a couple of years I entered the Vankleek Hill’s demolition derby. It was a long week of work to get the car ready and then the action lasted a few minutes. I had fun doing it once a year. Then I discovered the enduros (it is a mix between a race on an oval track and a demolition derby – local speedways held these events every fall). For 6 years I participated in the enduros events at Brookville, St-Eustache and at Cornwall Speedway. Last winter my friend Richard LeBlanc offered me his help to build my first Mini-Stock race car. For 4 months we worked a few hours a week to get the Acura #2 race-ready. In May we joined the action at Cornwall Motor Speedway in the entry class. Then we quickly realized that we needed to improve the car, so we spent more time in the shop. This time we came back faster and stronger as I finished second in the feature race these past two Sundays and right now I’m 4th in the points standings at Cornwall Motor Speedway. My goal is to complete the 2019 season in the top-5 best Mini-Stock driver and, perhaps get the Rookie of the Year title in my class.” says Clarke, 28.
Text and picture by S.Lauwers