To The Editor,

I attended the vernissage at Arbor Gallery on Saturday for the “Connected” exhibit, a varied collection of beautifully conceived and executed work.

While I enjoyed the event, I have a recurring quibble: I found some of the wall-mounted cards and the name tags sported by the artists difficult to read because of the smallness of the print. There were times when I wanted to talk to artists about specific works, but could not tell who was who. Going about the room staring at women’s chests or getting up close and personal with their name tags is rather awkward, to say the least, not to mention possibly leading to an arrest.

Perhaps the curators could take pity on the hard-of-seeing by posting photos of the artists next to their work, or at least using large, bold type for that which is more prudently viewed at a distance.

Thomas Gonzalez,
Vankleek Hill