Katie Ditschun’s years of musical experience came to fruition May 31 when she released her debut album, Spare Skirt.

Ditschun describes the album, almost three years in the making, as “quirky pop music with some serious jazz notes.”

Ditschun initially studied classical music theory at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. After she and her husband moved to Massachusetts, Ditschun enrolled at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, where she completed her degree. At Berklee, Ditschun was charmed by contemporary music.

Ditschun began performing her own music after she and her husband and son moved to Alexandria in 2012. When she’s not making or performing music, Ditschun teaches singing and piano.

At 42, Ditschun is aware she’s not a typical emerging artist. But her accumulated experience and wisdom gives her music layers of meaning.

“My music is fun,” says Ditschun, “But it has a lot of depth.”

Ditschun infused her song descriptions with both fun and depth by giving each a menu-flavoured flair, matching music with moods. Martinis & Wine, for example, is a “straight shot of groove, garnished with sass & grit” while The Moon, is “ethereal and full-bodied, with deeply grounded undertones.”

Ditschun wrote the music and lyrics for the ten tracks on Spare Skirt, collaborating with her husband, Travis Smith, on the lyrics for several songs.

“I chose songs that fit together, almost like a story,” says Ditschun. The lyrics are accessible enough, says Ditschun, that anyone can find their own meaning in them.

Spare Skirt is available for digital download at iTunes and other online outlets. The CD can be purchased at local stores, including R & L’s Book Nook and Town & Country Flowers in Alexandria, The Review newspaper offices in Vankleek Hill, or from katieditschun.com.