A new walk-in rescue van is being ordered for the Vankleek Hill fire station. The purchase was recommended during Champlain Township’s committee of the whole meeting earlier this month and was approved at the township’s regular council meeting on June 11, 2019.

The existing rescue unit is being replace. It should take about 10 months to build the new vehicle according to the specifications.

Lafleur Industries was awarded the contract for the Freightliner vehicle, which will include winches on the side of the vehicle and a 9,000-lbs. portable winch. The winning bid by Lafleur Industries was for $264,366.56 including HST. An additional $10,000 has been added to the budget in case there are unanticipated changes made to the plans during the building process.

Metalfab Fire Trucks bid $364,304.96 for the job, Camions Carl Thibault bid $296,820.09 and Battleshield bid $402,502.80 for the project.

According to the report from CAO Paula Knudsen, $250,000 had been estimated for the purchase of the vehicle in the 2019 budget; $50,000 is being provided from the fire department reserve, leaving a balance of about $200,000 to be financed as long-term debt. The report notes that the funds will not likely be required until 2020 as payment will only be made when the vehicle is delivered and accepted — all of which could be within about 10 months from the awarding of the contract.

When scheduled, committee of the whole meetings involve all of council and take place on the first Tuesday of each month; the meetings are an opportunity to review upcoming decisions and prepare recommendations for the regular Champlain Township council meetings, which take place the second Tuesday of each month at the municipal council chambers at 948 Pleasant Corners Road East. At its regular meetings, council can accept all of the committee of the whole recommendations or can revisit particular issues if it wishes.