Scams. They are now in your mail, it seems.

On May 27, 2019 Stormont Dundas and Glengarry (SD$G) Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and are continuing to investigating apparent mail fraud, along with a potential criminal harassment & impersonation investigation.

SD&G OPP have received additional complaints regarding the delivery of unexpected packages containing, what appears to be, court documents, along with fictitious sexual assault register documents.

The SD&G OPP wish to notify the public that the individual being named in these court documents have been verified to be false allegations, the OPP Crime Unit determined that the documents are fictitious. If you have any of the envelopes mailed to you please contact your local police agency.

The packages indicate the contents have originated from various police agencies, business and government agencies. The SD&G OPP, Cornwall Police Service, RCMP and the solicitor general’s office can confirm these documents did not originate within their services.

The investigation by the SD&G OPP Crime Unit is in its early stages and continues to work on this investigation along with the panel police, to identify who sent out the fictitious documents.

The police do not send documents stating that a person or persons have been convicted of any crimes to the general public, but the OPP can verify that all the documents sent to the businesses are made -up fraudulent documents. The OPP Crime Unit working with the forensic identification unit.