Sandbags were still in place at homes on Montpetit Street in L'Orignal on May 8, 2019.

Champlain Township prepares to assist residents with post-flood clean-up, sandbag disposal

Champlain Township has issued information about the clean-up plan following flood conditions in parts of the township in recent weeks.

In anticipation of the receding flood water levels, clean-up plans are in the works.

Champlain Township will be providing one 30- or 40-yard waste container in each of the following areas: Domaine Chartrand, Dufour St., Montpetit St., and Des Chalets St. These waste containers will be available to dispose of any building, house, and yard materials etc. that were damaged and are not salvageable.  These containers are strictly for use by those properties affected by the 2019 flood.  If you have any tree branches, logs or stumps, please do not deposit them into these waste containers; you will be permitted to bring them to the Municipal Landfill Site on Cassburn Road, free of charge.  You should contact the township office at 613-678-3003 to register your property information so that a list will be prepared for the Landfill Site Attendant.

The township will also be helping out homeowners with the removal of any sandbag walls.  This date has not yet been determined however, the township will communicate with the public again once the date has been chosen. If you wish to remove your sandbag wall before this time, we ask that you contact the township’s administration Office at 613-678-3003 so that the township may advise you on the preferred location to place them.

As the township begins the flood clean-up and recovery process, it will continue to monitor and respond to everyone’s health and safety concerns in the affected and surrounding flood areas. Information will be available on www.champlain.ca and on its Facebook page regarding the clean-up procedures.

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One thought on “Champlain Township prepares to assist residents with post-flood clean-up, sandbag disposal

  • May 11, 2019 at 12:11 pm

    Montpetit Street is still full of water. It had gone down so that in front of my house the street was dry, but after the rain of May 10, the road is full of water again. In the deepest part, I’m not sure I can get my minivan through to go to the store etc. Someone has to reveal who the owner of Montpetit Street is – is it Champlain or is it a mystery man who is an engineer as far as I hear. We residents of Montpetit St. pay a lot in taxes every year, and yet the road was allowed to sink lower and lower over the years. So my house is fine but I can’t get out to shop etc. I’ve had to pay over $1,000 while evacuated and this is only because my road is too low down the street.

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