Growing your own food is a great way to improve your family’s health, save money on groceries and reduce your environmental impact – not to mention the sense of pride in watching a seed develop into a flowering plant or produce for your next meal.  The Champlain Library is now offering flower, fine herbs and vegetable seeds through the Seed Library Program.

Whether you’re looking to grow tomatoes, beans, lettuce, sunflowers, marigolds or parsley – the Seed Library offers a wide variety of seeds.  The seeds are provided generously by the Vankleek Hill and District Horticultural Society. Patrons are encouraged to take photos of the plants as they grow and email photos of the plants to the library to be posted on Facebook or on the Library website.  You are however, required to be a member of the Library to obtain the seeds.

Young patrons can also become involved in the planting fun as well.  On June 4, kids ages five and up will have the opportunity to plant seeds and become involved in our community garden program “Little Sprouts” for the summer. Together we will plant, maintain and harvest our own garden!

Stop by the Champlain Library today to pick up some seeds and start sowing.  And while you are at the library, check out the many books or resources on gardening and growing.  The library encourages everyone to s work together to create a happier and healthier community.  For more information about the Seed Library call 613-678-2216 or visit the website at