Genealogy is not just about names.  It‘s about photos, documents and all that stuff sitting in the basement or attic or tucked away in your closet.  What to do with it all?  By capturing and preserving your family history you can bring your legacy to life and share it with other people.

Studies show that kids who know about their family’s past are more empathetic, have better coping skills, and have higher self-esteem.  For older adults, research shows that passing on their life stories correlates to a decrease in depression.

Where do I start?  Start with easy projects by creating an inventory, making a plan and involving your family.  Also learn how to use Ancestry to search for genealogical information online.  We can help you begin the process!  Join Champlain Library’s Genealogy and Family History workshop on Wednesday, May 8th at 1:30 pm.  Diane Bourgault will walk you through the steps and help to organize your family memorabilia.  This program runs every two weeks except in the summer.

There is no cost but space is limited so register in advance by calling the Champlain Library at 613-678-2216. For more information, visit