To The Editor,

Eastern Ontario municipalities participating in the South Nation Authority’s tree seedling giveaway are inviting residents to add a few trees to their property. Whenever possible, select your trees so they will thrive on your property. Make sure you know how big the trees will get as they mature. Keep in mind recommended distances to buildings, power lines, septic drain fields and your neighbours.

You will find useful information in a number of resources such as “Choose the Right Tree or Shrub” ( Tree Canada also provides a “Tree Planting Guide ( And you may want to check with Boisés Est ([email protected]).

It is wise to take the opportunity now as the distribution of free seedlings may not be available next year. The Ontario budget for 2019 calls for the termination of the 50 million tree program, which has made it possible to reforest 15,000 hectares since 2008. The budget cuts will bear a heavy toll on the Ferguson Nursery, which has been producing most of the seedlings we’re planting. They will also affect the operations of the South Nation Authority, which plays a key role in protecting water and forest cover in our region.

Under the circumstances, it is more critical than ever to plant as many trees as you can, and even more critical to protect the trees we still have.

Jean-Claude Havard