Flooding on Rivière du Nord has become a serious concern in Lachute.

On Monday, the city issued a news release stating about 20 residences in the Place Laurin area north of the river are affected.

By Tuesday afternoon, concerns about flooding also increased for areas along the river north of the downtown area.

Due to the weather forecast, which calls for more rain during the rest of the week, the city is advising residents in those areas to evacuate their homes for security reasons.

Emergency responders were deployed to the area along the river Sunday to ensure the safety of residents.

Chemin Laurin has been closed due to high water levels.  The Dunany Bridge had been closed for repairs, but the city and the Ministère des Transports du Québec arranged to reopen it to traffic at 4:30pm Monday afternoon to improve traffic flow and access to areas affected by flooding.

However, the city is still advising people to use the detour route whenever possible in order to limit traffic in the area.

The city is distributing sandbags for affected residents.

Meikle and Filion streets are closed, along with some other blocks near them.  The city is urging people to not go walking in those areas and to stay off the river with boats because of the danger from the strong current and unusual wave action.  The wake from boats can also break sandbag dikes that have been built to protect properties.

The city wants homeowners to know that the flooding means the sanitary sewer system will be operating less efficiently.  Under no circumstances should anyone open a sewer cover or check valve to prevent backflow.  Residents should not use plumbing fixtures in basements either and should contact a plumber if they are unsure about what to do.

Municipal officials want residents to also use caution with the electrical systems in their homes and businesses in order to prevent accidental electrocution.

The emergency shelter at the Kevin-Lowe/Pierre-Pagé Arena on Avenue Hamford is open for all affected residents.  Red Cross volunteers are on location.  Food, accommodation and showers are available.  Psychosocial support is also being provided for anyone who needs it.

Lachute residents are advised to consult the Québec Ministère de Sécurité Publique website for information on how to properly prepare for emergency situations. The site includes a guide specifically about the current flooding situation in the province.  Information is available at:  https://www.securitepublique.gouv.qc.ca/securite-civile/se-preparer- in the sinistres.html or https://www.urgencequebec.gouv.qc.ca/En/CruePrintaniere/Documents/2019_En%20cas%20d%27inondation%20(F)_VFINALE. PDF

The city is also urging residents to register with its automated call system so they can receive automated emergency updates.  It works on both land lines and mobile phones.

For municipal emergencies, residents must call 1-800-565-0911.  For all other types of emergencies, residents must still call 911.

Lachute’s emergency management team is trying to minimize the inconveniences caused by the flood and ensure residents are safe.  The weather and water levels are being closely monitored and city staff have developed scenarios to respond to situations that could possibly develop.