Support in the form of members of the Canadian Armed Forces will arrive in Saint-André-d’Argenteuil to assist municipal staff as that community continues to battle slowly rising flood waters. The municipality issued a press release this afternoon.

Melting snow kept water levels rising yesterday. A rise from 10 to 15 cm has been measured in Saint-André-d’Argenteuil since yesterday morning. Although the rise is running out of steam, it is expected that water levels will continue to rise slowly today and possibly tomorrow. The water level in Saint-André-d’Argenteuil is 24.60 m for the Ottawa River, 50 cm less than in 2017.

The level should reach 24.65 m today and possibly 24.70 m tomorrow. Even if hydrometeorological trends suggest a stabilization of flows and levels, information points to the arrival of a second flood in the short term.

Military forces will be assigned to protect four locations determined by the municipality:
• The Saint-André-Apôtre Church, which houses the municipal library and a hall
community and whose location constitutes access to the heart of the village. Workers from the municipality have already delivered most of what is needed to protect this premises.
• Route 344, which is an important access link for the municipality. Military personnel will continue the work begun by the Quebec Ministry of Transport and the municipality to protect the road so as to keep it open;
• The rue de la Seigneurie. Work has been started by the municipality to preserve the link and will be completed by the military;
• The Île-aux-Chats Bridge. With the water level gradually increasing, the municipality will keep an eye on infrastructure and review possible scenarios.
The army could be put to use according to the evolution of the situation.
Drones will fly over the territory in the coming days for documentation purposes. The data obtained by the captured images will be used
as part of land use planning and emergency measures.• The municipality reminds citizens affected by the flood of the urgency to evacuate their home, if it is not already done. It is important to notify the municipality once the evacuation carried out. For safety reasons related to the rapidity of the flood, the municipality will offer boat transportation only for emergency response.
• The flooded streets are currently closed. The Terrasse Robillard Terrace has not been accessible since April 21st. Access management is carried out by the Sûreté du Québec for Lalande, Latour, Domaine, Terrasse Robillard and Fournier Streets. A boat is being used to facilitate interventions by the police and the municipality in these areas. The entire territory is under increased surveillance.
• The municipality’s fire department estimates the number of residences evacuated at 50. The victims have directed to a shelter
emergency room, located at the Kevin-Lowe / Pierre-Pagé Regional Arena, at 80 Hamford Street, in Lachute, where food, showers and beds are at their disposal. The Red Cross is on site to accommodate the victims and the psychosocial services of the CISSS
Laurentians are also offered to provide support.
• The Municipality and its citizens still need volunteers to fill sand bags at the Municipal Dome (72 Wales Street) today as well as in the coming days.
Those interested can go directly to the site and should bring shovels.
• Drinking water is available thanks to a system installed at the Town Hall, located at 10, rue de la Mairie. The municipality asks citizens
bring their own containers and make responsible use of bottled water.