Dear Editor,

As a rather shy person, I have never been someone to publicly share my leisure time. However, I do feel that it is important to give recognition and thanks especially when it is so well deserved. My first thank-you goes to The Review because it was an article published September 5, 2018, written by Cedrik Bertrand, that allowed my husband and I to learn about our local gym, Primal CF. This brings me to my other thank-you, which is for the trainers and members at Primal for an experience that is hard to put into words.

When I first moved to Vankleek Hill in my early twenties, I spent many of my evenings at the gym. Perhaps at that time, I was not focused on fitness but rather had found an evening pastime. I ran on the treadmills, used a few of the weight machines, stretched and NEVER ventured upstairs because I was too afraid to lift weights and wind up looking quite foolish.

As time went on, life got busy and we started a family. Exercise and fitness seemed to take a back seat. This is not at all to say that I became a sedentary person but somehow without realizing it, I became someone who had all kinds of excuses not to really go back to exercising. I had great intentions but they never really amounted to much. My husband, who did everything he could to support me, even moved our treadmill upstairs into the garage because I complained about running in a dark and damp basement. Months later, my new running shoes sat collecting dust on a treadmill that was quickly piled with stuff. Yet, I still would not admit even to myself that it was going to take something pretty exciting and motivating to get me out of my fitness funk.

Then, this past fall after reading an article about the environment of support, encouragement and ‘no judgement’ at Primal CF, my husband and I decided to try it out. The motivation and excitement hit me like a tidal wave! Yes, after the first couple classes, my body told me that it felt like I had actually been hit with a tidal wave, which I really did have to expect after so many years of not exercising. Before long though, something funny happened; my body started to crave going for a workout. This was quite unexpected for me because I had never felt that way in many years of going to a gym.

Aside from the supportive environment, the program was finally teaching me how to use my workout time effectively. Lifting weights wasn’t scary anymore. I started making goals for myself and as small as they were, when I would reach one the feeling was exhilarating! The work put in to reach them didn’t feel lonely because I was never on my own. At Primal, it feels like having a personal trainer all of the time. One of the trainers is always there to help you improve and provide essential pointers. What I wouldn’t give to get back all of those hours in the gym in my twenties and train effectively. Now I know, I was a long way off from being fit back then. This year is one of those milestone birthdays for me. One I would not have been looking forward to at all! However, I will enter a new decade being more fit than during any of my early years and that is a pretty great feeling.

I have heard people talk about cross-training and mention that it is just too intense, but I have to wonder if they have even given it a try. The workouts are as intense as you want them to be and it doesn’t take long for you to want that intensity because the satisfaction feels that much greater. You become driven to want more and more for your body; your energy levels soar. Thank-you once again, Primal CF, for awakening that drive in me, I have so much appreciation for what you do. If you are reading this and find yourself in a fitness funk, give Primal CF a try. It will be a decision you will surely not regret.


Vankleek Hill
Editor’s Note: We allowed this writer to submit her letter anonymously, only for privacy reasons.