La Nation council has selected the architecture firm that will do the design work for the new Limoges sports complex.

Mayor François St-Amour said a firm named Cold Plus Idea has been chosen at a cost of $282,000 to do the design work for the new facility.

The mayor explained that the firm will first examine the feasibility of having a soccer field, dome, or other structure on the site.  Developing possible designs will follow, and then there will be a public consultation process.

St-Amour said that “If everything goes to plan,” the new Limoges sports complex is to be completed by December 2020.

No to road

A private road on the La Nation-North Stormont boundary will not become public.

La Nation council has rejected a petition to have the road made public that goes from Highway 138 by the 417 interchange to Route 700.

The road was constructed by two local businesses in 2010.  It serves mostly agricultural and industrial purposes.  Farms use it to transport hay and grain, heavy excavation and farm equipment that is not allowed on Highway 417 is also routinely transported over the road.

The petition requested that the municipality designate it a public road and maintain it so it can continue to receive heavy equipment and truck traffic year-round.

“We’ve got enough roads,” St-Amour said.

There is also a small bridge on the road and the mayor said La Nation does not want to add to its existing inventory of 44 bridges.

St-Amour said the Ministry of Transportation has previously complained about dust from the private, gravel road blowing onto Highway 417 and causing a hazard for traffic.

Fire calls in “the triangle”

La Nation and Russell Township have reached a new agreement on sharing fire services.

La Nation responds to fire calls in the part of Russell Township known as “the triangle” which borders Limoges Road.

According to a report from La Nation Fire Chief Tobias Hovey, the new agreement better represents the true costs of response.

Russell will pay La Nation $477 for the first hour per piece of La Nation fire equipment which responds to a call in the area.

For calls that are cancelled after the La Nation fire department has been notified, La Nation will charge $238.50 per piece of equipment for the first hour.

“Sometimes we’re closer to certain spots than other people,” St-Amour said.

He noted there are parts of La Nation that could be better served by fire departments in neighbouring municipalities, such as near the boundary with Clarence-Rockland, which is closer to that city’s fire station in Bourget.