It’s legal now, but cannabis is still a controversial crop.

La Nation council held a public meeting on April 1 regarding an application by Ferme Agriber to change the zoning on a 3.9-acre property on County Road 2 in South Plantagenet; if approved, the zoning change would permit the growing of cannabis.

Currently, the land is zoned for commercial and recreational use, but an agricultural zoning is needed to allow legal cannabis cultivation.  The property is a former golf course.

According to a planning department report, the proposed agricultural use meets all provincial and United Counties of Prescott and Russell planning policies.

Mayor François St-Amour said some residents are concerned about the land being used for the crop, especially because there are houses nearby.

He said there was also some concern about possibly attracting crime.

“The biggest issue I heard about is the smell,” said St-Amour.

The mayor said he is not aware if the company is planning to grow the cannabis for recreational or medical use, and said that since the law changed, it does not really matter what the purpose of the crop is.

“Everything’s legal,” said St-Amour.

Following the public meeting process, the application to change the zoning will go before council for further consideration.