Have you got “The Write Stuff?” That is the name of a writing competition that is currently underway, thanks to the Vankleek Hill Creating Centre. There are actually three separate competitions, each with its own deadline.

The first competition deadline is April 16; a second competition deadline is August 19 and the third competition deadline is November 4, 2019.

Here is how it works. There will be a first prize of $250 for the first and second writing competitions. The first, second and third-place winners from each of the first two competitions will be entered into the final competition which has the November 4 deadline. The winner of the final competition will take home $500.

What do you have to do to win? You need to write a manuscript that is deemed by judges to be most likely to affect the lives of its readers. The entry fee is $50 and the first prize is $500.

Entries can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, graphic novels, mockumentaries, autio-bio-fictional, pieces written for children or song lyrics. Works must not be previously published and must be original; submissions can be written in one of two official languages and should be no longer than 50 pages (maximum). You can complete the entry registration form on the Creating Centre website. Entries can be sent by email, or if prepared in legible handwriting, can be scanned and submitted by email, or any entries can be delivered to the Creating Centre.

The author’s name should be on the cover page only, organizers note. There is a $50 fee per manuscript; the fee includes space at a communal booth at Excellent Events festivals.

Judges for the writing competition are being solicited from local book clubs. If your book club would like to get involved, contact Samme Putzel at 613-678-2873 or call the Creating Centre at 613-678-2627.

For more information visit www.creatingcentre.ca or contact [email protected]