There was a minor fire at the Prémoulé thermoplastics plant on Tessier Street in Hawkesbury Friday evening.

According to the Hawkesbury Fire Department, the call arrived at 9:14 p.m. and the fire happened inside the plant. Nobody was working inside at the time and the building’s sprinkler system functioned properly. Firefighters quickly had the situation under control, but the smell of smoke remained outside the plant.

The Champlain Fire Department station in L’Orignal was called for assistance as there was some concern at the beginning about having enough firefighters available to respond. Once the fire was under control, Hawkesbury firefighters were going to go into the plant to investigate the cause.

According to Plant Director Steve Kennedy, 91 people work at the facility.

He said the cost of the fire could not be verified and that on Monday, everything at the plant was back to normal.

Prémoulé manufactures countertops and cupboard doors.

Photo: James Morgan

Photo: James Morgan