Brownsburg-Chatham has lost a fire chief but gained a new clerk.

On February 5, council accepted the resignation of Richard Laporte, with no reason stated for the resignation.

The fire department had experienced upheaval in recent months after seven newly-trained firefighters were terminated in November, prompting outrage from the firefighter’s association.

In January, the firefighters were re-hired, plus one more.  Four of the firefighters will work in Brownsburg-Chatham and the other four are joining the department in Wentworth.

Council also approved the hiring of a new municipal clerk and director of legal services.

Pierre-Alain Bouchard will take on the role shortly.

The clerk’s position had been vacant since spring, 2018.

The municipality chose to include responsibilities for legal affairs in the new position and required all applicants to have a law degree and be members of the Québec bar, along with three years of municipal government experience.