A third generation of Lapensées officially joined the ranks at La Binerie Plantagenet, a family-run business operating for more than 40 years. Chloé, daughter of co-owner Alain Lapensée, along with her aunt Chantal and uncle Luc recently became partners. They purchased the shares of co-owner Dominique Auger, who has decided to go into semi-retirement.

Beans are a family affair for the Lapensées. Paulin and Marielle Lapensée started their business in 1977 and baked 25 tons of beans in their first year! Growing up, the couple’s four children helped out and served bean suppers and food tastings in stores. In 1990, Alain bought his parents’ business and grew the operation. Just like her father, Chloé fell into the cauldron when she was just a kid. Following in his footsteps and becoming a business partner only seemed natural.

The village of Plantagenet earned its title of Ontario’s Bean Capital a long time ago as there used to be two baked bean companies in town: La Binerie à Paulin and Fèves au lard Lalonde, founded in 1960 by Laurenza and Fernand Lalonde. La Binerie Plantagenet was born in 2000 when Jean-Pierre Lalonde and Dominique Auger, owners of Les Fèves au lard Lalonde and La Cuisine Jean-Bernard catering service merged with the Lapensées’ bean shop. Being a part of people’s daily lives for small and grand occasions, La Binerie Plantagenet has become a pillar of the community and now employs 45 people.

La Binerie Plantagenet has earned the reputation of Eastern Ontario’s baked beans specialist. Every week, more than two tons of beans are baked in cast iron cauldrons in the traditional way. The business continues to operate a catering service and sells a wide range of prepared frozen foods such as pies and tourtières; pâtés, spaghetti sauce; beef bourguignon and more.

The Lapensée family is now cooking up projects for La Binerie Plantagenet, including expanding the store and production area and the launching of new food products. The annual Plantagenet Bean Festival has become a not-to-be-missed event. The 9th edition will be held in September 2019.

The new team at La Binerie Plantagenet: Alain, Chloé, Chantal and Luc Lapensée holding a bean cauldron in front of the large commercial oven.


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