There were some big changes in staffing at the Champlain Library in 2018.  Two staff members retired (CEO Lynda Poyser and librarian Diane Sauvé-Roy), so there were big shoes to fill!  Cynthia Martin, who has been working at the library for 10 years, has taken over the title of CEO.  She brings years of experience working with patrons and programming and a bunch of new ideas!

Anne Smith is now in charge of Adult Library Services, and the newest staff member Alicia Heinzle, will be in charge of Children’s Library Services.  Emily MacLeod is the evening/ weekend Library Clerk, social media guru, and she also handles community out-reach and Pop-Up Libraries. You will still find Mario Larocque on the front desk as Circulation Librarian.  All staff members are ready to answer your questions and are committed to providing excellent service. They look forward to meeting you soon.