East Hawkesbury council is waiting for some important information before it passes its 2019 budget.

CAO-Clerk-Treasurer Luc Lalonde said councillors need to find out from the Ontario government how much the township is going to receive this year from the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund (OMPF).

“We need to wait on that before we can give final numbers,” he said.

According to Lalonde, the OMPF support usually makes up about 15 per cent of East Hawkesbury’s budget.

Once the amount is known, it will be easier for staff and council to know if or any increase there could be to the municipal tax levy.

For 2019, the township is not planning any major projects.

Lalonde said they want to focus on paying for projects completed in past years including road construction and the sewage system upgrade in Chute-à-Blondeau.