I am a little biased, but massage really is a wonderful wedding gift.

When I was living and working in Toronto, a regular patient of mine asked me to do a small party with some close friends. Her boyfriend ended up proposing to her the night before the party, turning it into an impromptu celebration as these ladies were her bridesmaids. If asking for a massage therapist to do a home visit, keep in mind the number of people wanting a massage and I suggest limiting the length of time to 30 min or 45 min to minimize waiting around. Alcohol and massage don’t mix, so the therapist might not be able to treat someone if they are the last person waiting but spent their time in the champagne first! I’ll let a small glass slide, but anyone intoxicated will be denied treatment. If you are used to seeing this therapist in a clinic setting expect there to be an in-home premium charged.

I’ve also had a bride-to-be come in, asking me to make her smaller for the wedding. Um, I’m a massage therapist, not a cosmetic surgeon! Please don’t believe the hype that massage can melt cellulite. I usually remark that I’d be smaller and a millionaire if it worked.

A massage therapist shouldn’t have to make crazy claims. Soothing tired muscles from readying the venue and making those Pinterest crafts are enough to keep us busy. A relaxing massage to de-stress is also a valid reason to get a massage in this busy period of your life. Some locations can cater to couples massage. It sounds romantic, but if you’re serious about your massages, having them in separate rooms gives you a more tailored experience. The therapists will try to limit speaking in a couples room which means we can’t check in about pressure and will keep things simple. Still communicate issues you are having that you’d like addressed, but keep in mind it will be different than what you’re used to if you’re used to one-on-one massages.

Consider adding massage to your wedding prep. Weddings are stressful. Everyone knows this. Having massages in the lead-up to the wedding can keep stress levels manageable, allowing you to enjoy the process more.