To The Editor,

Back in the day, when one put their name forward on an election ballot it was (and is) a voluntary gesture and the individuals’ desire and personal satisfaction to contribute as the public’s representative.  (I am too old to be that naïve.)

The newly-elected councillors informed that their salaries become 100 % taxable according to new rules implemented by Canadian Revenue Agency.

To deal with this provision by the CRA, council introduced a motion to compensate their taxable remuneration by awarding themselves an increase of approximately 16 % and 18% .

Councillor Andre Roy requested this motion be dealt with during the upcoming budgetary discussion and the resolution was defeated. The motion to increase salaries was carried.

These tax provisions not only apply to Champlain council, but across the board for all levels of elected representatives.

SO WAIT FOR IT….this salary increase will reverberate right down to YOUR POCKET when, at the conclusion of budget discussions, council will render the revised mill rates thus impacting your property taxes.

Too bad, we as taxpayers cannot get compensated for the pending tax increases.

Ahhh….for the GOOD OLD DAYS.

Jim Walsh, L’Orignal