An uplifting new fitness class is taking our area by storm – Bungee Fitness, an exercise class that participants describe as “an addictive, incredibly effective, one-of-a-kind workout!”

Bungee Fitness is a recent arrival on the international fitness scene. Local instructor Louise Stephenson proudly introduced the class to Zudio, her High Street studio, in September. Stephenson is one of only eight Canadian instructors trained and certified by Philadelphia-based Grounded Aerial, and her studio is the only Ontario location to offer Bungee Fitness classes outside of Toronto and Windsor.

“The equipment and infrastructure work were a huge investment, but it’s incredibly exciting to be able to offer something so ground-breaking, right here in Vankleek Hill.” In fact, “We’re pioneers!” has become the class motto.

The classes are proving to be wildly popular, with participants driving up to two hours to take part. It is a perfect combo with Zumba Fitness, also offered by Stephenson at Zudio. The two classes work every part of the body, but often in reverse ways. “A push-up in my bungee class actually becomes a pull-down, since you’re working against the pull of the bungee cord. Everything becomes a core workout when you’re suspended on a bungee cord!”

The two fitness classes have something else in common – the “exercise in disguise” approach. “It makes you feel like you have wings,” says Lorel Crawford, who took the classes this fall, “but don’t be fooled, it is an intense, full-body cardio workout! I loved it!” By making each workout fun, innovative and exciting, participants don’t see the time pass and end up partying themselves into shape. “Who knew that being tethered to the ceiling could make you feel so free,” adds participant Pat Roy. “For that one hour, nothing else exists except my new-found wings!”

Stephenson has been pleasantly surprised to see the wide range of ages among her participants. “Just like in my Zumba classes, I have every age group, ranging from kids to seniors, and every age in-between. It’s been amazing to see everyone’s progress, their increased strength and endurance – and skill – from one class to the next.” Participant Anie Laurin agrees, saying “You’ll be amazed at the progress you make from week to week. What a great feeling of freedom, joy, and letting go!”

If you’ve been thinking of giving Bungee Fitness a try, you’re in luck. Stephenson will be offering another round of introductory workshops in early January. The three existing classes on the weekly schedule have already been filled for the winter session, but the instructor is able to add an additional class on Mondays at 5:45 p.m. Only 14 spots are available, so it’s best not to delay. To register for the mandatory introductory workshop, email [email protected]