To The Editor,

Yes. Oui!

Is what we heard every time. A été entendu de toute notre communauté.

Yes. Oui!

Was the response when asked to participate, to contribute or to help. A été l’unique réponse. 

Yes. Oui!

Made everything possible. A été le début de tout.

Thank you for saying yes to commemorate Émilie. Thank you for stepping up either as a participant, or as an awesome volunteer, or for being a community partner such as Alexandria Home Hardware Building Centre, Alexandria Legion 423 / Légion Alexandria 423, Alexandria Moulding / Moulures Alexandria, Anick Bauer Design, B & B Food Market, Calvaire Green Valley, Centre chiropratique Alexandria Chiropractic Centre, Chartrand’s Your Independent Grocer, Community Nursing Home, Fleuriste Alexandria Florist, Garry McDougall Electric, La Fromagerie St-Albert, Ontario Provincial Police, Pharmacie Jean Coutu, The Glengarry News, The Quirky Carrot, The Review, The Standard-Freeholder, Tim Horton’s, Town and Country Flowers, Township of North Glengarry, Trio Campbell, Vaella Consulting Inc. Merci d’avoir dit oui à la mémoire d’Émilie. Merci à tous ceux qui ont participé, à tous les nombreux bénévoles incroyables et à tous les partenaires communautaires.

You made it possible for all of us to gather to remember Émilie as a daughter, a sister, a mother, a colleague, a friend and even in some cases a complete stranger. We all bonded through the emotions that her life and death sparked within us. Émilie deserves to be remembered for the caring and gentle person she was, for the joy and the comfort she brought. She was loved, she was cherished and she was also suddenly and tragically taken away, way too soon.

Our hope for our community in the coming days, weeks and months is that her memory will encourage those who are perhaps suffering in silence as a result of her death, or anyone who is going through some form of hardship, to take that first step and reach out. There is no shame in asking for help. To hurt is to be human.

Know that there are people close by who can help with that hurt. Here are a few agencies and services: JEUNESSE / YOUTH Équipe psycho-sociale, (Gina, Nancy Anne-Marie) 613-938-7112, Dre Andrée Cousineau 613-307-8905, ADULTES / ADULTS Équipe de crise en santé mentale / Mental Health Crisis Team (Serena) 1-866-996-0991, Services de consultation externe en santé mentale / Outpatient Mental Health Services (Susan, Nicole) 613-361-6363, FEMMES / WOMEN Maison Interlude House (Mélanie et Monique) 1-800-461-1842, Fem’Aide 1-877-336-2433, Assaulted Women’s Helpline 1-866-863-0511.

Notre communauté est tissée serrée. We were both deeply and sincerely touched by how this vigil came about with such grace and unition. Thank you ALL for being part of it, either from up close or from far away. We send loving-kindness to Émilie’s parents, to her brother and to her darling daughter Elizabeth.

Light shatters darkness, hope conquers fear, and words – words liberate.


Natalie St-Denis and Dr. Suzanne Filion<
Vigil organizers