Here are the unofficial results from the October 22 municipal election in Champlain Township.

Normand Riopel was elected mayor of Champlain Township, winning by a 102-vote margin.

Mayoralty Race:

Paul Emile Duval: 1,574

Urbano Fumagalli: 602

Helen MacLeod: 748

Normand Riopel: 1,676


Councillor for Ward 1 (Vankleek Hill):

Peter Barton (Acclaimed)

Troy Carkner (Acclaimed)


Councillor for Ward 2 (L’Orignal):

Jacques Lacelle: 574

André Roy: 637

Marc Séguin: 466


Councillor for Ward 3 (Longueuil):

Michel Lalonde: 471

Michel Paquette: 231

Violaine Titley: 460

Yvon St-Jean: 206


Councillor for Ward 4 (West Hawkesbury):

Sarah Bigelow: 960

James (Jim Caputo): 218

Gérard (Gerry Miner): 817

Claudette Myre: 472

Pierre Perreault: 549

Bryan Rodger: 94

Official results will be posted on Champlain Township’s website tomorrow and we will verify these results.