To The Editor,

Hello, yes it’s me. This letter is in response to Louise Sproule’s well-written article concerning deforestation and something that might happen in 2019. Judging by the past performance of our local, provincial and federal politicians I see nothing happening at all, especially since the government is solely responsible for orchestrating and sanctioning this mass deforestation as a means of making money by the destruction of all our natural resources.

Ontario, having lost manufacturing in the province, decided to go the way of Alberta and totally decimate our environment as a means of financial gain.

As for 2018, I firmly believe that mass deforestation will continue, unabated, till at least the year 2025. The only thing that will stop large cash crop farmers, more than likely financial from out of the country, will be a total loss of all trees, and nothing left to cut. After all, the farmers have had their way, the only trees left will be those between the highways and those land-holding and woodlot owners who are not farmers. Yes . . . you know us – people who have been putting our money where our mouths are for decades, yes – our money and our time planting saplings, clearing standing deadwood, trying to care for our forests both large and small, as best we can.

We care for our trees and our land not only to do our part to clean the air and water for people of this planet but also to offer the wildlife in the area, whatever is left of these animals trying to live in their natural habitat – a place to come for shade from a blistering heat in a drought-ridden summer or a place to find shelter from the biting winds of a cold harsh winter.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe there are still some amazing farmers, some small, some large, still holding on to woodlots or forests, bringing biodiversity to their crops by practicing crop rotation and truly being stewards of the land in the best possible way, but I believe their numbers will dwindle in the near future as a lot of them are getting older and thinking of moving on to a slower pace. That would include the sale of their farm and forest.

I remember back before all this deforestation, we could count on fairly nice weather but ever since 2014 things have become rather volatile climate-wise: worldwide extreme weather, insane severe storms, flooding, and heat waves not seen in the past 1200 years or never seen at all. I can’t help but think a number of very large and wealthy farmers through their actions are putting all farmers and non-farmers along with the land itself at a very great risk. Unfortunately, they can’t be stopped, why because we just don’t care enough and our politicians just don’t give a damn. I feel we as a species would rather choose Pokemon or not want to take our eyes away from the screen for fear of losing a dragon.

Life is full of choices – those we make and those made for us. I tried really hard to think of the last time we humans did a kind thing for this incredible planet. I came up blank, but I’m sure there is a kindness out there, just not here.

I wonder what the going price is for a soul around here, $10 million, $20 million, $30 million. I think I’ll ask a large cash crop farmer.

Choose to get involved. It is the right thing to do.

Thank you,

Andy Perreault,

Vankleek Hill