Black Garlic tasting event on November 3, 2018

Since the summer of 2017, a gourmet phenomenon has been gaining momentum in Lost River, Harrington.

On the shelves of the fine grocery store, La Boite a lunch de Lost River, local products are popular. The store’s mission is to highlight regional products from Argenteuil and to become a must-see agrotourism attraction on Route 327.

Located in a century-old building where the Village’s MacMillan’s General Store once stood, the business intends to keep a vibrant history page with its period decor and costumes. In connection with its mission to promote local products, owner Sandrine Charbonneau, is introducing a “Meeting and Tasting” on Saturday, November 3, from noon to 3 p.m. It is the black garlic from Argent’ail which will in the spotlight while visitors will be able to meet the company’s founders: Luc Ménard and Gloria Cortes, in addition to tasting black garlic and learning about its culinary applications.

Black garlic is regular garlic, cooked for two weeks at a low temperature, without any other added ingredients. This process transforms the texture of the pods to make them spreadable and the first flavors are reminiscent of the taste of molasses, licorice and balsamic. As soon as they heard about black garlic, Ménard Cortes, began to research the product and after more than a year of research and testing, they found their way to make it. They have chosen to grow their garlic in a natural way, without chemical additives, in Saint-André D’Argenteuil, to control the quality of their garlic. 

The event is free, but reservations are recommended as spaces are limited. The store is located at 2839 Route 327 in Lost River in the Township of Harrington. To book or to participate, contact the store by email at [email protected] or by phone at 819-687-9667.



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