Félix Blackburn has known and loved Hawkesbury for more than 30 years.

His goal is to help Hawkesbury be more competitive in the digital age.

Blackburn pursued post-secondary studies at McGill University and obtained his electrical and computer engineering degree in 1989.

He continues his career as a high-tech engineer at Studio de Lettrage in Hawkesbury as well as at IGS, an internet provider based in Hawkesbury. He outlines what he says his expertise will mean for Hawkesbury: a better evaluation of people’s needs and abilities to access new technology; high-speed website and software evaluation customized for Hawkesbury; enhancements of online services like paying taxes, and obtaining licenses, waiting time at the emergency at the hospital, and permits to launch your boat, license for our dog park; small but necessary improvements to make life easier for everyone; an on-line tourism portal with our motels and restaurants, shops and services listed; high-tech, user-friendly customer service on the  town’s website; the latest breaking news for Hawkesbury and increasing communication for Hawkesbury residents and from town hall online.

He serves on a number of volunteer boards including the Hawkesbury Chamber of Commerce, Le Chenail Cultural Centre and he volunteers at the Hawkesbury General Hospital Foundation.