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A dream come true: Kyana Sauvé races in her first-ever Enduro

You could say that Kyana Sauvé is following in her mother’s footsteps!

Plantagenet resident Kyana Sauvé discovered DIRT oval racing while her mother, Elisabeth Gauthier, was racing in Mini-Stock class at Cornwall Motor Speedway during several summers. Ever since, Kyana has had a dream: to jump in a car and race on the same track as her mom did. Her dream came true last weekend when she took part in the annual Fireball Enduro (which is like a giant demolition derby except that the drivers are going around the quarter-mile oval track with the objective to be the first to do 50 laps) in the ladies’ class in a car built by Richard Leblanc.

“I started 27th and first, I took the time to figure how my car was holding the track. It wasn’t only a matter of speed, but also agility to avoid stalled cars on the track,” says the 18-year-old university student.

“When the checkered flag came out I knew that I had done a good race, but I was far to imagine that I was second, not far from the victorious car!”

Her mom, Elisabeth had this to say about Kyana: “I was so proud of my daughter! Watching how she first tested how the track felt and then started her way towards the front of the pack, I told myself “She’s racing just like I was and she’ll probably be superior to me!”

Will Kyana Sauvé race a Mini-Stock car one day?

“I’m already looking for an Enduro car for next year and as for being a regular Mini-Stock competitor I think there’s a long way to go however the possibilities are there.” Then, laughing, Sauvé concludes: “The real challenge will be to persuade my mom’s boyfriend to build me a race car!”

Pictures courtesy of Elisabeth Gauthier

A dream came true for Kyana Sauvé as she enrolled in her first-ever Enduro race last weekend at Cornwall Motor Speedway.