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Have you been told to walk or exercise more?

A lot of us, once retired, become less active.  On your annual visit to your doctor, you know that he’s going to say he would like you to exercise more.  A walk would be good for you.  They even throw the word “brisk” in there.  Some of us enjoy a walk around the neighbourhood. Some rely on their dog to force them to walk on regular basis.

But if you’re like many people, you don’t enjoy walking just because you should.  On the other hand, Modern Easy Square Dancing could give you me the opportunity to do what the doctor ordered.  Once you’re dancing, you move at a pace of roughly 120 steps per minute.  Some dancers like to wear a step counter (Fitbit)  and are pleasantly surprised at how many steps they have taken!

So, you think you can’t dance!   Would you like to?

The Easy Modern Square Dancing experience can help you with this.  This is not old-time square dancing.  Turns & Twirls are limited to the fitness levels of the dancers.

You are invited to an Easy Modern Square Dancing open house with the Glengarry Tartans  on Sunday, September 9 and 16, from 2 to 4 pm at 49 St. Paul St. in Alexandria. New beginners are accepted at every dance. There is a dance most Sundays and admission is free for open house events.

Your caller will teach you all the steps you need to know and have everyone dancing right away.  As you get comfortable with each call, additional ones are introduced.  And there are no sequences to memorize – the caller will tell you what the next move is just before you have to do it.

All you need to know is your left from your right and how to count to 5.  Then you are square dancing and are having loads of fun while enjoying music you like.  Another bonus- great exercise in a social setting!  And don’t worry about being perfect – easy square dancing is for FUN not perfection!

François Desmarais is the square dance caller for the Glengarry Tartans in Alexandria. No dancing experience is needed nor do you need a partner to attend. Need more information: email [email protected]

For info please call 613-931-1783.