The Employment Services Centre (CSEPR) today unveiled some of the measures put in place to meet the serious need for labour in this community. Following various observations made by the centre in recent years, last January saw the launch of the Job Succession Scholarship program aimed at High School Students. Now, the centre is adding a new Immigration and Newcomers component to its services with the hiring of a coordinator dedicated to this specific service. Subsequent measures could be taken as needs and opportunities arise.

“For the last few years, there were several clues that led us to foresee the labour scarcity situation in our area. With the exodus of youth from our region, and an aging population, we needed to take measures to try to counter this situation,” said André Roy, Executive Director for the Employment Services Centre.

“Last January, we launched the Job Succession Scholarship program which aims at bringing back youth to our region once their postsecondary studies are completed. This first measure addressed the youth exodus. But now, we need to quickly ensure access to labour for our employers. With over 400 jobs posted in our job bank, we have never had so many positions to fill, and despite all the efforts of our team to meet the employers’ needs, we simply can’t make it. This is why the Center just hired an immigration professional who will be responsible to recruit immigrants and newcomers in large centres and bring them back to Prescott-Russell to work, and even to live here. Through this action, we believe we can help our employers fill their jobs with qualified labour that meets their needs. In doing so, we contribute to a healthy economy, while ensuring the growth of our community and adding of eventual succession for our area. We believe this is a winning situation for everyone,” concluded Mr. Roy.

Newcomers to Canada and Immigrants can benefit from all the programs and services offered by the Centre. Any person interested by the centre’s immigration services, being an immigrant, a newcomer to Canada or anyone else, can contact our new Immigration Coordinator, Mr. Simeh Mohamed Bouh, at 613.446.4189 to discover the terms of our programs and services, but also the opportunities Prescott-Russell has to offer.