Hurrying to create a Facebook page or Twitter feed without proper planning is the common social media mistake many companies make. By having specific goals, knowing your audience, establishing a content and key messaging strategy, making interventions, having a social media action plan, and a release schedule, the results can range from wasted resources and poor performance to an effective advertising campaign and a target audience that interacts positively.

Here are 6 useful steps to manage an effective campaign:

  1. Define the objectives: ask yourself about the objectives to achieve, either quantitative (develop your brand, attract new customers, increase sales, etc.) or qualitative (assess the quality of the relationship with your audience, etc. .)
  2. Determine the audience: It is essential to know whom you are addressing  and social media can help target groups of interlocutors. to develop accordingly the speech and the messages.
  3. Establish an internal structure: all key employees who will feed social media must validate the comments made on them. The strategy starts first and foremost internally.
  4. Choosing platforms: the choice of social media must be made according to the public you want to reach, the defined objectives and also the information to be transmitted.
  5. Prepare the contents: Each platform has its own algorithms and rules to optimize the visibility of its messages, but also its own audiences. The same content can be published on multiple platforms, but how to present it varies with social media.
  6. Measure the activity and adapt the strategy: analysis of its presence on social media is essential to validate the achievement of quantitative and qualitative objectives. Be attentive to your audience’s behaviour in order to build a community with them.

The challenge of a social media strategy is to ensure that all the time invested in social media strengthens your overall strategy and contributes to the commitment of your audiences.

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