Lawrence "Larry" Bogue entered the race as a candidate for Hawkesbury council in the 2018 municipal election. (Photo: Cedrik Bertrand)

Lawrence Bogue – For long-term vision and economic development

One of Hawkesbury’s well-known business owners, Lawrence Bogue, has his sights set on winning a seat on the town’s council.

As a member of the BIA-COMZAC since 1992, owner of Bogue Photo-Zone Image since 1974 and owner of IGS since 1995, Bogue has been a predominant figure in the town’s business sector.

Today, he turns to politics, wishing to take all of the knowledge he’s acquired over the years to bring about positive change.

“For me, it’s about development. It’s about learning to better work with other levels of government. What Hawkesbury needs is not only economic growth, but logical growth through intelligent research,” states Bogue.

One of the issues Bogue underlined was also a call to action regarding relations with Hawkesbury’s immediate neighbour, Champlain.

“We have to have good relations with our neighbours. We need to adjust so we can work together,” said Bogue.

Bogue said that he doesn’t shy away from analyzing what other governments are up to.

“There’s money set aside for towns like ours. We need to make sure we get as much of it as possible. We need to be both active and in the loop of what our provincial government is up to.”

While Bogue seems to have a clear idea of what he would like to see improved in his town, he never thought he would one day turn to politics.

“I never wanted a career in politics and even thought I’m still not a politician, I’ve been a BIA volunteer for a long time and am aware of a lot of what’s going on in this town. Today, my goal is to stimulate our economy so we can move forward and develop. We’re on a beautiful river, we’re next to a bridge… We have everything we need to create something great.”

Bogue’s candidacy is indeed built on the positive, on success through vision and love for his town.

“I simply want everyone to feel proud when they think of Hawkesbury. That’s what’s important,” said Bogue.