“We’re delighted to finally take action! The parish has approved our plan. Together, the community will save the church bell in L’Orignal,” says Eric Drouin, president of L’Orignal’s Sauvons notre clocher committee.

According to members of the parish-mandated team, “It’s obvious that the parish can’t pay for this by snapping their fingers. We have to solicit the community’s help; in fact, donations are already coming in. We’re asking donors to make cheques out to ‘St-Jean-Baptiste Parish’ and to mention ‘Sauvons notre clocher‘.”

Contributions are also accepted online on a GoFundMe page at www.gofundme.com/sauvons-notre-clocher .

“The bells aren’t ringing anymore; we had to act,” says Drouin. “But we have to respect the process. When you’re talking about restoring a 150-year-old building and needing permission from religious authorities, we’re always nervous. But honestly, everything is going well until now. We have a contractor in sight, the diocese’s approval, and of course an enthusiastic core committee.”