Enbridge Gas Distribution has been visiting municipalities in the region and last Wednesday, made a stop at the Bruce Barton Fire Hall to donate 120 smoke/CO2 alarms as part of Project Zero — a public education campaign which is providing more than 6,600 alarms to residents in 30 Ontario municipalities. The value of the 120 alarms presented in Vankleek hill was $8,900; the entire initiative has a value of $200,000.

The alarms will be distributed to residents in Champlain Township, according to District 1 Fire Chief, Michel Martin.

Since 2009, 34,384 alarms have been provided to Ontario fire departments as part of Project Zero.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic, odorless gas that is a byproduct of incomplete combustion of many types of common fuels. It is important that all fuel-burning equipment be properly maintained to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. Carbon monoxide alarms are recommended as a second line of defense to protect against the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.