The Village of Casselman is getting a new municipal Clerk.  Council has approved the hiring of Sebastien Dion to fill the position.

“It seemed like the best candidate was him,” said Mayor Conrad Lamadeleine.  Dion’s previous experience was working for the federal government.  Linda Desjardins-Bergeron, the Interim/Acting Chief Administrative Officer and Treasurer, said Dion will officially become Clerk on August 12 but is starting work for the village on July 25 as the Assistant Clerk in order to get familiar with the operations of the municipality.  Mayor Lamadeleine described the new hire as being “optimistic” and having “good character.”

Casselman has been without a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) since January when Daniel Gatien left the position.  In June, Gatien became CAO for the Town of Hawkesbury.  Mayor Lamadeleine said council has decided to discontinue the role of CAO in Casselman and the village will instead just operate with individual department heads.  ‘We have enough people there to do the jobs,” said the mayor, noting the decision has added about 10 extra hours of work to his average week but he says he does not mind the added responsibility.

The appointment of Sebastien Dion as Clerk for the Village of Casselman comes at a busy time for the municipality.  The village is experiencing increased commercial and residential development, a major water main and sewer replacement project is nearly complete, and a municipal election will be held in October.