There really are a lot of great opportunities for those who covet truly epicurean moments in the area.

If you’re in the loop (the epicurean loop, that is), you knew that Alexandria’s Fauxmagerie Zengarry was preparing to launch a new product – a new Ale Aged Cheddar-style fauxmage made with Beau’s Lug Tread.

The Fauxmagerie had quite the display at its tasting. Resisting the urge to try out everything was not an option. (Photo credit: Cedrik Bertrand)

If that wasn’t awesome enough, both the Fauxmagerie and Beau’s united their efforts and hosted a tasting to celebrate the launch of the new flavour at Beau’s brewery.

“It’s our fifth birthday in June,” said Fauxmagerie Zengarry President Lynda Turner.

“So now, we’re launching our seventh retail flavour which is our ale aged cashew cheese, which is made with Beau’s beer.”

A lot goes into crafting all of the Fauxmagerie’s products. While many of their flavours are created using a custom, plant-based pro-biotic, the new ale-aged is a little different.

“We ferment this flavour with Beau’s beer instead of our usual pro-biotic. It’s got a hearty flavour, it’s one of the products that uses the most ingredients so it has a lot going on… And you can taste the beer! So, if you like beer, you’ll love it,” said Jenna Quenneville, one of the Fauxmagerie’s kitchen managers.

Chef Matte’s delicious stuffed mushroom caps, topped with herb and garlic fauxmage. (Photo credit: Cedrik B

If Beau’s and the Fauxmagerie’s selection of mouth-watering products weren’t enough to have everyone at the tasting salivating, Beau’s very own Culinary Manager and trained chef, Elisa Matte, prepared an amazing selection of dishes that showcased the Fauxmagerie’s various products.

“They donated three of their flavours and I adapted recipes that I make here at Beau’s already, like a taco with their ale-aged cheddar or stuffed mushroom caps with their herb and garlic.”

Since the latest fauxmage features Beau’s Lug Tread, Matte stated she would be interested in finding ways to incorporate the Fauxmagerie’s products into the brewery’s menu.

“It’s definitely something I’m interested in showcasing as an option. In 2018, we’ve gotten a lot more requests for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food.”

Anyone interested in trying out the Fauxmagerie Zengarry’s delicious products can now find them in stores across Canada.

“Our ale-aged cheese is available exclusively, this summer, at Whole Foods Market in Ontario,” said Turner.

For more information on products, retailers or even online purchasing options, visit the Fauxmagerie’s website at