“Thanks to the hospital redevelopment project, we now have a new pulmonary function laboratory that allows us to provide our patients with a comprehensive Respiratory Therapy Program,” says François Bertrand of the Board of Directors. “It is a great addition to the new Block B ambulatory care facilities in operation since January. We are one step closer to becoming a full-service regional hospital.”

On June 18th, the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH) will launch a comprehensive Respiratory Therapy Program for outpatients. The new program will provide consultations, diagnostic exams and treatment for adults and children afflicted with breathing disorders, allergies, respiratory infections or chronic pulmonary diseases.

The Respiratory Therapy Program brings together several health care professionals, including Dr. Benson Wong, Respirologist, an Internal Medicine Specialist and a Respiratory Therapist and Educator. The program features a pulmonary function laboratory and is offered at HGH’s main campus in the recently opened Block B dedicated to ambulatory care. Patients must have a referral from their physician to book an appointment.

A second phase targeted for winter 2019 will extend to inpatients in the Complex Continuing Care Unit, the Emergency Department, the Intensive Care Unit and the Family Birthing Centre.

For more information on the Respiratory Therapy Program, visit the hospital’s website at hgh.ca in the Programs and Services section.