To The Editor,
I was made aware of the Vankleek Hill Farm Fest that went on this past weekend through social media, but also by the heavy metal I could hear from my house near the fairgrounds.
My wife and I have newborn twin girls and although heavy metal is on the bottom of the list of music we like, it didn’t bother us or the babies.
When we did hear it late at night (or in the morning) I just thought to myself that it’s nice to see different events happening in this town.
None of the visiting metal-heads bothered me this weekend. However, out of nowhere on Sunday morning, a local man said the following to me: “Maybe go to Japan where you can wander around freely in a field without bumping into anything.” Just because I was looking at my phone while walking down Main Street, and not in his way at all.
I lived on Main Street for three years overlooking the corner of Derby and Main, and there were weekends when my car was stuck in the back because the street was closed for a festival, or that square-dance fiddle music made me go cross-eyed all day long, and never did I think “They should take those fiddles and move to Japan”.
Vankleek Hill is a great place to live, and the different cultures, people and events are part of what makes it great. I look forward to raising my children here…unless I move to Japan.
Eddy Earwigg,
Vankleek Hill

Editor’s Note: The Review published an article on this website and in our print and e-edition about the upcoming Farm Fest event a few weeks ago. And here is our coverage of the June 9-10, 2018 event.