Three students to work on North Glengarry Heritage projects

The Township of North Glengarry has hired three Heritage Coordinators to work, over various periods this summer, on heritage projects such as the North Glengarry Heritage Register and the property inventory linked to the township’s Community Improvement Plan (CIP).  Kyra Cooper and Alexis Kirkwood began their employment on May 28th and will be spending a total of 12 weeks circulating within the community to further Heritage Project.  Alexis has completed her second year of studies at Carleton University, where she is pursuing her Bachelor degree in Architectural Studies and Design.  Kyra is also a second-year student at Carleton University. She is pursuing a Bachelor degree in Engineering, Architectural Conservation & Sustainability. A third student, Jerry Chow, will be joining the team on June 11. Jerry has also completed his second year at Carleton University, studying Architectural Studies and Design.

The hiring of these three students is partly supported by the the Government of Canada’s Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations Program and recruitment was done through the Cooperative Program at Carleton University.

The Township of North Glengarry Heritage Property Register Program is an ongoing project that was initiated by the Township of North Glengarry Arts, Culture and Heritage Advisory Committee. During the first phase of the project, volunteers inventoried log homes, stone buildings and religious sites in North Glengarry. They also prepared an inventory of the buildings located along Main Street in Maxville and Alexandria. The second phase included an inventory of properties in Apple Hill, Dalkeith, Dominionville, Dunvegan, Glen Robertson, Glen Sandfield, Greenfield and Lochiel. This summer, the inventory work performed by the three students throughout the township will support Phase Three of the Community Improvement Plan (CIP).

The township would like to take this opportunity to ask the public for its assistance in adding to the photographic inventory for the hamlets by sharing historical photos, which will be scanned and returned to their owners. Students and staff will also be collaborating with the Glengarry County Archives to conduct research on buildings in our hamlets. If you have photos to share, please call 613-525-1110.

Information on the Community Improvement Plan

The CIP program aims to enhance the appeal of communities by offering property owners within the designated Community Improvement Areas (CIPA), the opportunity to access funding to improve their buildings through the use of grants and loans. This program focuses on improving exterior facades, installing new signage or improving landscaping features.

The CIP plan is a guide for property owners when considering funding options for their projects. The plan outlines the eligibility criteria and the design guidelines to consider when undertaking an improvement project. Applications for the CIP program are available through the township office, as well as on the township website. The CIP Approvals Committee (CIPAC), appointed by council, is responsible for the review of each application. CIPAC recommendations are submitted to Council for approval.

During the first three years of the program, applications may be submitted from designated areas located in Apple Hill, Alexandria, Dalkeith, Dominionville, Dunvegan, Glen Robertson, Glen Sandfield, Greenfield, Lochiel and  Maxville. In January 2019, the program will enter into Phase Three and expand to commercial fringe areas, industrial zones and identified buildings of significant heritage interest.

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What to expect during this process:

  • Student employees will be seen throughout the Township photographing buildings and filling out forms detailing a variety of architectural components, including the style of the building, plan shape, number of storeys, type of foundation and superstructure, number and style of doors and windows and other architectural details, including trim and accents.
  • Student employees will be wearing badges, identifying them as “Heritage Coordinators” for the Township of North Glengarry.
  • Employees will be conducting their surveys from public areas. They will be seen on public streets and sidewalks and they will not be trespassing on private property.
  • This inventory and documentation is limited to the exterior of buildings and will serve as an important tool for both the development of the North Glengarry Heritage Register and the evaluation of CIP applications.



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