To The Editor,
I wonder how much dairy product volume of sales from the USA has been lost due to Canada’s quota system? I wonder if the USA produces the same quality of product that Canada produces considering American unfettered use of antibiotics, hormones and humanely questionable mega 2000 cow factory dairy barns.
Ask Costco if we Canadians prefer Canadian beef products? Please remind Mr. Trump how much of an agricultural trading deficit Canada actually has considering all American fruit and vegetables purchases we Canadians make every year?
I believe there are 1.1 million dairy cows in Wisconsin alone but there is only a total of only 900,000 dairy cows in all of Canada. I believe we Canadians pay approximately 2.5 times the price for our dairy products as do what Americans pay for theirs. Why?  In the 50’s & 60’s and early 70’s our farmers went from boom to bust. We lost many farms when the busts inevitably occurred. We still experience this today with our pork producers. The managed production supply has averted this repeating disaster ever since its inception.
I wonder if we Canadians were forced to cast away our managed quota production system by Mr. Trump demands,  wouldn’t we actually be jeopardizing our national security similar to Mr. Trumps concern about our Steel and Aluminum products.
Trump can only pick on Canada’s farm management system because it’s the only unfair trade practice we consistently prescribe to ;it’s pretty well the only one he can find as an example for his position.
Mr. Trudeau should be encouraged, no, required to find the cherry arguments why our Canadian Dollar cost raw material steel and aluminum help so many American to have higher paying remanufacturing jobs with these metals. Tell those Americans by aggressive advertising and media interviews. Lets fight this hard!
For an American farmer to benefit by the increased volume of business he could expect to uncover by selling in Canada,  how many jobs could Mr. Trump actually expect to increase in the American farming region; in the other 47 mainland states it’s already surplus capacity over Wisconsin ! So to borrow from Mr. Trump with some exaggeration the answer is none! Conversely, ask Mr. Trump how many jobs will be lost in those 48 states with the new 25% duty on Canadian  Steel and Aluminum?
Let’s get on the offensive, Mr. Trudeau!

John Clouston