The leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, François Legault, has announced that Sarah Lacasse-Dwyer, Harrington’s Township city councillor and notary, will be his candidate in the October 1 general election for the riding of Argenteuil. François Legault is particularly happy to announce the candidacy of a woman so dedicated to her community, a candidacy that he deems could truly make a difference for its people.

For the CAQ leader, the addition of this candidacy to his Team for Change is more than welcomed. “Sarah has been a notary since 2011, principally for family and business clientele, and therefore she has a wide circle of acquaintances in her riding. She knows very well what Argenteuil citizens need to thrive. She’s also engaged as a volunteer in local organizations and a member of Argenteuil’s Chamber of Commerce. Being a city councillor in Harrington Township, she already knows how to contribute to citizens’ quality of life as an elected official. She will be the perfect voice for Argenteuil in an eventual CAQ government.”

Sarah Lacasse-Dwyer decided to join the ranks of the Coalition Avenir Québec to get involved in active politics because of the urgent need for change she saw in her community. “Argenteuil needs a coalition of men and women from all horizons to listen to its needs and to grant them,” explained the candidate. “It deserves a spot in the Laurentides region. Since I am very passionate about human relations, and a woman of principles, I will leave no stone unturned to restore Argenteuil’s image.”

Lacasse-Dwyer has promised to be attentive to her fellow citizens. She has professed to being very sensitive to the realities the 17 municipalities of her riding have to face. “Our municipalities and towns must unite to fully become an economical lever for our region. I will work with each representative: from municipal level, farming sector, education, community and health services, to businesses from all over Argenteuil” she concluded.