The Dalkeith Historical Society is gearing up for Photoville on June 16th – a new event that will showcase stories of the local region through vintage and current photos.

“There’s a lot of history in the area and people love to look at old photos,” said Frances Fraser, chair of the Society. “We invite the public to share a photo and a story.”

The all-day event will feature a series of photo exhibits, and also include a selection of vintage wedding photos and gowns.

A special presentation of select films will take place around 2pm to honour three cinematographers with local ties: Gordon Sparling (Lochinvar), Eunice MacAuley (Vankleek Hill) and “Co” Hoedeman (Dalhousie Mills).

As day turns to evening, entertainment will be provided by the 5-piece band Uncle George at 5pm, followed by Gary Carpenter at 8:30pm.

Last year, the Society hosted an event for the sunflower festival, attracting over 1000 people. “We’re really pleased with our progress,” said Frances.

The Society was originally formed by a small group of volunteers in 2011 to celebrate Dalkeith’s bicentennial.

Photoville will be open from Noon-10pm on Saturday, June 16th at the Robertson Clark Building in Dalkeith. Admission is $10. Refreshments will be available for purchase.

Those interested in submitting photos or exhibiting can still participate by contacting Frances at 874-2514.