The Town of Hawkesbury issued a press release on Friday about last year’s mold situation and subsequent work at the Robert Hartley Sports Complex.

The arena at the Robert Hartley Sports Complex was closed on September 20, 2017 in order to undergo work to remediate the presence of mold throughout the rink and dressing room areas. The dehumidifier unit located in the area of the skating rink had not been functioning properly and recent repairs had not improved the situation. As a result of these circumstances, the quality of the air had deteriorated and mold was present throughout the rink and dressing room areas.

The remediation and reconstruction costs including consultants, remediation work, reconstruction and loss of revenues amounted to $1,057.000.  The town says it has worked with its insurance representatives for many months to confirm whether its policies covered the damages and the town has now learned that its claim was refused. Accidental equipment breakdowns are covered under the policy, however, the insurance excludes coverage for fungi or spores relating to mold damage, as do most, if not all insurance policies.

The remediation costs have been provided for in the 2018 budget and will be paid for through a 10 to 15-year loan.

The council and administration of the Town of Hawkesbury are presently implementing procedures that include inspections and monitoring of facilities, equipment and properties.  Evaluations and plans of action will be implemented as of 2018.