Jeff Manley is seeking another term as Kenyon ward councillor in the upcoming October 22 municipal election.

Manley, who is a retired teacher, has been the councillor for Kenyon ward for the past four years.

“It has truly been an honor and a privilege to serve the residents of Kenyon for the past term,” said Manley.

“I have learned so much about municipal government.   It has been a great experience working with Kenyon residents on issues regarding land, roads, bridges, waste collection, and so many other concerns.”

Manley is an active participant as council representative on the board of the Glengarry Trails, a trail system that is primarily located within the Kenyon ward. He also sits on the Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee, which most recently has been looking at the status of the churches in St. Elmo.

In addition to his work within Kenyon, Manley has lent his support to numerous township-wide initiatives, including the recent threat of school closures, the Maxville water project, the community improvement plan program, and the “Save the Grotto” campaign, to name just a few initiatives.

Outside of his council duties, Manley is a board member with the Glengarry Historical Society and Glengarry Encore Education.

“I am very excited to announce my intention to run in the upcoming election and if elected, I look forward to working with the new council on existing projects as well as new initiatives that will move the Township of North Glengarry forward in the next four years.”

For more information please call Jeff Manley at 613-363-2789.