To  The Editor,

We’re getting a MOOSE!!!

Members of Champlain Council voted on a proposal, tabled by Councillor Normand Riopel, for the acquisition of a replica of a moose suggesting it would be appropriate for the Village of L’Orignal.

As a good-faith gesture, Councillor Riopel further offered $2500 from Longueuil reserves to cover 50% of the purchase. Councillor Helen MacLeod said the Township manages to find funds for other projects and surely funds could be found for this purchase, too.

OH YEAH, as ratepayers, we realize where you will find the necessary funds. The next budget tax rate increases.

Let us analyze this a bit further. Apart from the initial investment of $5000, there has been absolutely zero consideration given to the DOLLARS yet to be spent for the preparation of the platform on which to display the moose plus its future maintenance requirements.

As generous as this may appear on the surface, with the current and future financial obligations of the Township, ask yourselves, respectfully, is this the fiscal responsibility we as ratepayers deserve from our Members of Council?

Jim Walsh, L’Orignal