Allen Small, Leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party, is pleased to accept Darcy Neal Donnelly as the candidate in Glengarry Prescott Russell for the provincial election on June 7, 2018. “I have know Neal since he joined our party in 2011. He is a trucker delivering our message of a “Smaller” government everywhere he goes.”.

Darcy Neal Donnelly, 57, a truck driver for Mike’s Waste Disposal of Vankleek Hill. is married, has three children “the girl, the boy, and the other one (girl)” and they have owned their home in Fournier since 2000. He enjoys driving trucks because it gives him a “feeling of being free in an unfree world”. He drove into politics as a protest. “I’m doing this for my kids. My Dad fought in a war for freedom. I’m trying to save my kids’ future in peace.”

It was the during the economic crisis of 2008 that he became politically irritated by all the corporate bailouts at taxpayers expense.  Donnelly doesn’t believe people’s taxes should fund special interest corporate welfare programs. During the 2011 federal election, Donnelly discovered the Libertarian Party of Canada through the internet. He agreed with its stated principles and policies and he contacted the federal Libertarian candidate running in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, Jean-Serge Brisson of Embrun . He offered to help Brisson’s campaign but was asked to run as a candidate; but at the time, he said no. The next day, he asked how to become a candidate in order to help create a greater awareness of the Libertarian Party.

Donnelly was the first Libertarian candidate in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry for the 2011 federal election. He was one of 14 Libertarians in Ontario including Brisson. Donnelly ran again in the 2011 provincial and there were 51 Libertarian candidates across Ontario. In the 2014 election, he ran as the Libertarian candidate in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell and there were 73 Libertarians. Today, according to the party’s website (, the Ontario Libertarian Party has 124 individuals (full slate) assigned as candidates for the June 7 provincial election, including Darcy Neal Donnelly for Glengarry Prescott Russell.

The Ontario Libertarian Party (Gold) offers to increase your individual control over your own life, including greater personal and economic freedoms compared to the BORG (Blue, Orange, Red, Green) party’s offerings of greater government controls over you. Libertarians seek to increase non-government delivery of services to help reduce the cost of living and working in Ontario. The party’s 2018 Platform is available here: